In the background

My shadow
Shouldn’t make me shiver,
But it does.
It conceals
A shame
It’s yet
To shed.

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Imma walk away

So I
Pack ma boots
An’ I put on ma walkin’ shoes
An’ now you’re askin’ me to stay
I say “you’re not talkin’ ma way…
So what’s the point?”

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My mistake haiku

You said: “Come at 6″
I’m Early Bird, you’re Night Owl
I’m here, you’re in bed

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Paper doll

Watching lovers loving
Keep a distance
Window closed
A gust of breath from loving lips
Will throw you back
Just like a paper doll

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Under my nails

From under my nails
the words
that taunted when deep inside
They press
the flesh
with one
last push
of pain
Never again

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My muse’s melody
Drowns me
I don’t wanna sing that song
No more
I don’t wanna tap that beat
No more
I don’t wanna cry
No more
My muse ain’t my muse
No more

Joan Miro Femme Assise et Enfant 1967

Joan Miro
Femme Assise et Enfant

Photo taken at Fondation Maeght, St Paul de Vence, France

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Pause, move

Take time out
Let it settle
Let it breathe
Let it rest
Before you excavate its sense
And throw your mind into its grip
Then when you know
You know

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Me and my new coat

I’ll wear my new coat
I’ll take it off
I’ll wear nothing else
It speaks for itself
As do I
My new coat

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Get out and about

She had a get out clause,
So she got out
and she was out.
She couldn’t work out
how to get what she wanted
out of being out
and about.
she wanted
she wasn’t a down and out,
she liked to get out and about.
Over and out.

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You’re still here

Will always be my rock
I hold it near
But words you spoke echo within me still
They press down on my skin
And make me writhe
Though you’re not here

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